Look wholesale halloween costumes great, spend less during prom season

April marks the start of prom season, a time for extravagant wholesale halloween costumes dresses, tuxedos, up-dos and flashy accessories.
But before groups of high school Halloween Costumes Outlet students scatter to snap photos at the Peninsula's most scenic spots, they have to prepare for the big night.
Creating the glitz and glamour sometimes come at a staggering cost.
Prom-goers can cut down on the price of prom by taking qwqfdvdsadf advantage of local deals and other easy ways to save money.
Instead of buying a dress that may only get worn just once, rent or consign one.
At Act II Consignment in Hilton Village, store manager Nicole Eicher said prom and formal dress consignments have increased in the past month. Eicher said most young women have been going for the traditional long gown.
«Ever since I put the display for formal dress in the window, consignments have been on the rise for formal-wear dress. We have a large selection,» Eicher said.
Dress sizes at Act II Consignment range from 2 to 18 and cost between $20 and $50, Eicher said. The store has four new dresses that were brought to the store with $500 price tags; Act II Consignment is selling them for $100.
«Most are looking for long,» Eicher said. «I have also noticed that the young ladies are buying dresses with lots of color. I think a lot of the kids that buy here are excited because no one else is going to have it and no one is going to show up in the exact same dress. Everything they get here is one-of-a-kind,» Eicher said.
Daily Press Pick My Prom contest winner was Bethel High School who held their prom at the Hampton University Student Center ball room on Friday, May 13, 2016.
The consignment store also sells jewelry, clutches and purses to help complement a look.
Though the cheapest way to save money on hair and makeup is to do it yourself, those looking to break up the monotony can find the most reasonably priced option at the Virginia School of Hair Design.
Serving as a one-stop shop for hair, nails and makeup in downtown Hampton, the oldest cosmetology school on the Peninsula offers prom rates to help cut costs.
The school has about 56 barbering and cosmetology students who conduct open hours for the public to get general cosmetology services.
«We are a school, so many of the high school students who come by for our services know that actual salon costs are much higher,» said owner and President Bruce Driggers. «Our prices are so much lower, which gives the community an opportunity to allow people who don't have a lot of money to get services completed at a price they can't normally afford.»
During prom season, any up-do style is $20, $10 off the school's regular price. Basic manicures with one color are $6, and a full makeup session is $20 by appointment only. To make an appointment, call 757-722-0211.
Virginia School of Hair Design also offers men's haircuts for $6 and other hairstyles for women, such as roller sets, for $16, and flat ironing for $25.
Driggers said spring's makeup trends focus on enhancing an individual's facial features, with a light application.
As for hair trends, Driggers said many young women turn to a formal up-do or something that usually strays from their everyday look.
«During the school year, when they are going to school, corn-row braiding is popular because they last long, but during prom they want to look different from the normal. Doing an up-do is popular to complement their features and the dress. It allows more people to get a look at the dress and face since the hair's up,» Driggers said.

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