Maxi length skirts Sexy Clubwear are a sure sign of bad times, and now they are as long as the 1929 Great Depression

The lengths of skirts have   Sexy Clubwear  historically been an indicator of economic downturn and if what is on offer on the high street is anything to go by, the economy is in a dire state.
Hemlines have hit their lowest since the Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie1929 Great Depression, with celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes and Christina Aguilera sporting skirts as long as 33in, below the knee.
However according to the Hemline Index, the 'official' indicator for skirt-lengths in relation to the economy, says we may be looking at brighter times.
Victoria Beckham follows the 'recession' trend in a long skirt of her own design but it was very different in 1997
The return of the long skirt has qwqfdvdsadf  historically been a sure sign of a reclining economy with below-the-knee skirts featuring heavily in designer shops and high street chains during recessions.
Last time the fashion industries reported maxi skirts on trend was in the early nineties when inflation hit 15 per cent.

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