5700mAh 11.4V For MSI BTY-U6J Battery

The replacement for msi bty-u6j battery is specially designed for the original msi bty-u6j battery.It is safe with overvoltage, shortcircuit and overcurrent protection. The quality of this battery for msi bty-u6j is certified as well by FCC,RoHS and the CE to name a few.Full one year warranty and 30 days money back!11.4V, 5700mAh Extended Life battery for msi bty-u6j. The quality of this for msi bty-u6j battery is certified as well by RoHS and the CE to name a few. Cheap price and high quality!Safety is also key with laptop batteries, therefore all laptop battery for msi bty-u6j have top quality 100% Grade «A» cells (Japaneese) for premium capacity and reliability and 5 levels of protection including a failsafe thermal switch.Clean your desk. It sounds strange, but if you have a dusty, dirty desk, that dust will get into the vents and clog the cooling fan. Once the dust is inside your laptop, it is much harder to remove. You can try blasting it out with canned air, but you run the risk of damaging internal components. You can also remove the vent and clean out the grit, but remember that taking apart your laptop can void the warranty. So clean your desk at least once a week, if not daily.

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